Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekend

We had plans to go somewhere this long weekend but everything just got put on the backburner and we decided to stay close to home and enjoy a little calmer pace. We went to Snoqualmie Falls yesterday and did the hike to the bottom of the falls with the kids. It was beautiful!

Running.....well, I made it 6 miles yesterday. The only bad news is that my hip flexors were really, REALLY sore afterwards and still this morning. I had problems with them in college too and had physical therapy which did not really help much. So I just had to stop running then and that is what worries me a little. I have done a lot of reading this morning already and it seems like this is not an injury to mess with. I don't think I am necessarily "injured" right now but I do think I am on my way.

I will probably ease back on the running this week and swim instead (gotta dust off the old swim suit and goggles!). I am going to ice as well. I just hope this is temporary or something that can be managed.



I do hope you are ok, rest and take it easy. I love the looks of your blog! You should have stopped by since you were out this way!


Ooh, I like the new look! Take it easy on the running and get some rest. Hope everything heals up quickly!

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